Tulip Stage check crop 2014

Currently the stage of development for most of the Tulip lots (scheduled for cut flower as well as for pot culture purpose) need to be checked in specific.

When the flower have been developed completely within the bulb, the most important part of the bulb treatment (the period for the intermediate temperature) will start.

Most people know that Tulips do need a certain amount of (artificial) cold weeks for dormancy break.

However the period just prior the moment of cooling is crucial in to order achieve the best quality.

This is the so called “intermediate temperature treatment”, which vary in between the several variety, bulb sizes and final purpose of the tulips.

The attached pdf does show some details about these procedure.


Please do not hesitate to contact in case of any additional questions.


Sincerely yours, Peter Kok – “Calla Support”

Calla Support Tulip stadium check


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